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In 2014, we drilled our very first well in a village that was in a very desperate situation. Hundreds of people now have clean drinking water for the very first time in their lives.

For the first few months in 2015, we have plans for 3 more wells and 8 latrines. Our estimated cost for this is USD$28,800.




Haiti & Dominican Republic

In 2014, our team has been busy building latrines and rain catchment tanks. Along with this, they have been running seminars to empower the local community leaders they are working with – teaching them on long-term sustainability and multiplication of safe water projects.

We are believing for thousands of people in Haiti and Dominican Republic to get access to clean drinking water and sanitation in 2015. Our estimated project cost for 2015 is USD $7,000.





A Bio-Sand filter can reduce water related deaths by up to 99%. These amazing filters can be constructed for as little as USD$15 and can literally change a family’s life.

Our JUSTICEWATER team and its local partners have installed over a hundred of these in districts outside of Siem Reap. Next year, we plan to see this multiplied.




Video highlights from 2014